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Itahari : A Summary

Itahari (इटहरी) is a town and municipality in Sunsari District in the Kosi Zone of south-eastern Nepal. It is located at the main transportation junction of eastern Nepal. It is the center of the west-east Mahendra highway and south-north Koshi Highway and thus is a town of emerging importance, near the city of Dharan. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 26,824 people living in 5135individual households.


Soon this town will grow enough to reach the borders of Dharan. The vision of the city is Clean,Green and Commercial City. The streets are like a boulevard. The city became municipality in 2053 BS. Sarbadhoj Sanba from the CPN-UML was the first mayor to be elected. The city has enormous potential to become a business hub of Nepal because it lies in the middle of big cities. All the nearest suburbs resident depends upon Itahari’s business market. New bus park which has been built recently boast its outstanding service and reliability. It is one of the biggest bus park in eastern Nepal connecting passengers all over the country. Itahari municipality has nine wards which is very uncommon for municipality in Nepal. The municipality office is in the eastern line in birendra chowk. The building is two tier with resplendent lake beside it. The lake is called mechi kali pokhari(lake). In the middle of the lake there is a shish mahal (Glass House in English) which was inaugurated by CPN-UML president Madhav Kumar Nepal. At the embankment there are wooden statues which reflects the artistic nature of Itahari’s resident. At the back of the lake there is a big yellow building which was build with the help of the king of Luxumberg.

The city is fairly small and its area is 8,733.01 hectares According to fiscal year 2056/57 the projected population of the city was 33,874. Now the city has grown rapidly with projected poulation more than 90,000 (Presently, I hope its more than 150,000). The are lots of supermarkets that boost its business. The first department store in eastern Nepal was opened in itahari that had commodities of more than 50,000 products. It is near Itahari Chowk, on the North side of Itahari main chowk. it was officially opened by Mr. Ramesh Tamrakar, eleven years back.

SOS Children’s Village Itahari is one of the NGOs working for orphaned and abandoned children. it is well known organisation in the field of child care and child rights. Besides several other projects, it is working to building houses for homeless and micro credit for the enterpreneurs.

Itahari municipality is one of the three municipalities of Sunsari district. It is situated in the Terai region in eastern Nepal. The main rivers are Sunsari, Tengra and Budhi. Besides that there are also few man-made and natural wetlands. Itahari is very near from the mixed type of jungle, popularly known as ‘Charkoshe Jhadi’ on the north, which provides ideal shelter for the birds and many wild animals like elephant, tigers, fox, monkeys, wild pork etc.

Itahari is commercially thriving. Almost all major banks of Nepal has opened branches here. Soon Itahari will grow up to be Nepal’s biggest town. Lifestyle in Itahari is being expensive day by day. with the growing cultures many anti socio activities are being performed openly. Importantly sex workers are increasing here. Moreover growing gang activities is leading the town in voilent war zone. Drugs among youth is another important factor. Open border in Biratnagar is being a good will for addicts to take drugs. However, the education and by seeing the life of old gangster youth now are more aware of such illegal activities but some hiding themselves under the police oath are still being active.